How did we do?

We pride ourselves on giving the best service we can to our clients and your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, but don't just take our word for it - see what our clients say ...

Alan and Emma Stubbs 

Alan and Emma met with Ruth who showed them some great options. They fell in love with a property and are now proud Lago Real home owners.

Richard and Eileen Carroll 

Richard and Eileen met with Ruth, their comments explain it all: Brilliant we felt you were one of the best agents we dealt with.... honestly your can do attitude wins. We plan to have builder architect yourself etc over some night for a few nibbles and drinks!

Rob Nilsson 

Rob met with Ruth and now owns a fantastic rental investment property. We introduced Rob to all the necessary partners as well so the sale was lovely and stress free.

João Tavares 

João met with us and fell in love with a fantastic townhouse in Vale do Lobo.

Chantal and Patrick Jeanne 

Chantal and Patrick met with Luis and fell in love with our fabulous villa in Almancil. Lovely clients and now happy Lago Real property owners.