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Social media is unique. What other form of communication can be used to showcase our newest listings, connect with clients in real time or even try, unsuccessfully, to sell the boss?

Being in my 30's I'm possibly part of the last generation who didn't grow up with social media all around them - I was climbing trees - and falling out of them, riding my bike and having water balloon fights with the kids next door every evening and weekend. I had to pick up the phone to speak to my friends or wait until school the next morning to find out any gossip - how did we cope?! Now it's a whole different kettle of fish. I still find myself climbing trees - and falling out of them but the difference is now that there always seems to be someone around to catch it on camera to share with the world, great.

Social media is everywhere! FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Pintrest, YouTube, Whatsapp ... the list is endless. With social media you can connect with people instantly, get feedback in a second and let the whole world know your achievements, daily routine, gym workout and what you ate for breakfast, lunch and tea ... if you want. It has revolutionised most areas of our daily lives and it has certainly made promoting real estate on a worldwide stage far easier than ever before. Today, with just one click on the computer we can showcase our newest listing to clients following us in America, Dubai, Russia, the UK and of course Portugal, and we can do so on our website, on our FaceBook page, on our Instagram feed and through our LinkedIn account - we can bring the world to our door and let them see the fantastic options we have for sale, from the comfort of their own home - or while they are booking their flights to the Algarve to come and see us and the properties in person.

On our FaceBook page: Lago Real FaceBook we love showing off our properties as well as having a bit of fun with the odd off topic post

Well, who doesn't like a bit of Robbie! 

You can message us directly and we'll get back to you there and then - if you are a buyer or have a property to sell get in touch.

Instagram is one of our favourites: Lago Real Instagram. We are a professional agency who work hard for all our clients, but it is really great to be able to show a more personal side to the company. 

However, all this technology is fantastic and we embrace it like everyone else, but it doesn't mean we have lost the art of our business. Years ago, before the internet and social media was around real estate agents relied on their reputation, word of mouth and recommendations to spread the news of their work ethic and professionalism. They listened to their clients and spent time searching for the right property for them - at Lago Real we are extremely proud of our client base which we have looked after over the years and has been built up through endorsements and happy clients letting their friends and family know about us. We love the lightning fast apps, but we also love spending time with you to make sure you make the right decision and buy the perfect property in the sun.