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Understanding the past gives us the hope to power through Brexit

Ruth and I recently attended the  Rightmove seminar about Brexit and left feeling pretty positive about what may happen to the economy and pound when the UK finally leaves the EU. We had to go back in history to fully understand the possible economic impact, read on and let us know what you think - if you're not completely sick and tired of hearing about Brexit that is!

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IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... there's a song in there somewhere! Christmas is a great time of year, we get to use the excuse - it's Christmas - when we have another chocolate, mince pie or glass of wine ...! Many people also think that the world of real estate slows down for the festive time and generally that is the case as people prepare to celebrate with family and friends, but for many families this is the only time of the year they are able to get away together to search for their dream home, so we are still finding fab options and matching them with new owners here at Lago Real. 

If you are here in the Algarve this Christmas and are looking for some Christmassy things to do read on ... and remember we are open so if you are here looking for a Christmas gift for the whole family get in touch we're here to help.

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Like us, follow us, message us, tag us, dm us, @ us - let's get social!

Social media is everywhere! 

FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Pintrest, YouTube, Whatsapp ... the list is endless. With social media you can connect with people instantly, get feedback in a second and let the whole world know your achievements, daily routine, gym workout and what you ate for breakfast, lunch and tea ... if you want.

Read on to see what we have been up to on our social media channels - don't forget to like and follow us - we'll make sure we keep our posts fun, informative and sometimes a little off topic!

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New look, new properties, same ethos

Lago Real has been in the real estate industry for years - since 1999 to be exact - but recently we have decided to give our website a new look, rev up our social media channels and increase the ways we reach out to clients. 

In our website there are new pages packed with up to the minute information about buying and selling property in Portugal, you get to find out more about our fabulous team as well as being able to view some of the areas most spectacular properties. 

Make sure you contact us so we can help you with your property purchase here in Portugal - everything we touch turns to SOLD!

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