Handy hints to help your property sell

We can all do with a helping hand from time to time. We're sure you have already thought about the best way to present your property for sale, but just incase you have missed a trick or just want to check you have all your bases covered have a look through our handy hints to help your property sell to ensure you show your property off to the best of its potential.

Kerb appeal

A potential buyer could be put off even before they set foot inside your front door if they are given a bad first impression. You want them to come through the gates or walk up the path already feeling impressed and excited to see more. Do what it takes to create that lasting first impression. Make sure the exterior of your property is up to scratch and if your front door is looking tired, brighten it up with a lick of paint. Move bins out of view and clear away anything unsightly.

Spruce up and de-clutter

Making your home attractive to a buyer doesn't mean an expensive interior overhaul - most buyers change the interior decor after moving in - but simple things like making sure the rooms are clutter-free and as light and airy as possible is a great move. A mirror hung in the hall can give the illusion of space and a few vases of flowers or some plants can really freshen up the house. The kitchen is always a big selling point, so make sure all the worktops are clear and that it smells fresh and clean. 

Little things count

Don’t forget the detail - the buyer will be nit-picking as they will be looking at a number of properties and weighing everything up. So get around to those little maintenance jobs which have been on the to-do list for so long - such as a long overdue light bulb change.

Define each room

Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the house so it’s essential that each room is shown off to highlight its purpose.  If your dining room is full of work papers or exercise equipment for example, return it to its original purpose.  If it is possible, de-personalise the rooms if you can - for example take down posters in the children's bedrooms so the buyer can see the potential for the house and where they would put their own items.

Stay out of the way

When potential buyers come to view your property, let them wander freely around the house with us. You want them to feel comfortable and as though they can spend time looking at each room freely - but please be ready also to answer any questions they have after the viewing.

Make the most of outdoor space

Gardens or any type of outdoor space can be another great selling point – but an overgrown jungle could see your buyer running a mile. Not only will the space look smaller and ‘forgotten about’, if paying out for a gardener isn’t in your viewer’s plan or budget, it could completely put them off the property.

A fresh lick of paint

Many home buyers are looking for a blank canvas, something they can customise to their taste, and they are much more likely to be interested by neutral colours than bold ones. Neutral colours will also help to make your home seem lighter and bigger and allow viewers to easily envisage how they could adapt the room to their needs. Light blues, pale greys and pastel yellows are all good colour choices and provide a relaxing, warm and inviting feel to a room.

Finishing touches

Make sure that all of the windows are dressed properly with blinds or curtains as windows without any dressing tend to make a room feel impersonal and run down. Wall mounted mirrors can make a room feel bigger and are perfect for providing a light and airy feel to dark areas. Add a touch of colour by bringing plants and flowers into the house and fruit bowls are also a good option and provide a wonderful smell too. Cushions and throws are an ideal choice for adding inexpensive pops of colour to a room and to convey a comfortable and warming feeling.