SMART Currency Exchange 

SMART currency exchange offers you peace of mind when you buy property in Portugal. 

The exchange rate is an unstable factor over which you have no control. A change of just 1% in the pound/euro rate alters the price of a €150,000 home by over £1,000. 

Between putting down a deposit on a property and paying the balance, the exchange rate can change by 5, 10 or even 20%, making the price of the property tens of thousands of pounds more expensive.

You don’t have to take that chance. We can put you in touch with our colleagues at SMART Currency - ideally right at the start of your property search - so that you can benefit from their expertise and advice all the way through the process. We will put you in touch with our colleagues and they will register you with your own personal account manager - registering just takes a few minutes and enables SMART to be able to discuss a currency strategy that will work for you - the best thing is there is absolutely no obligation to trade. 

Many clients of our clients opt for a “forward contract” that locks in the exchange rate of the day for up to a year. This offers you total peace of mind that your budget won’t suddenly drastically change.

Once you own a home or are living in Portugal you can also set up a regular payments plan with SMART and to ensure you know what your overseas bills will cost. 

We work with SMART as we trust their advise and know that they have our clients best interests at heart.